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Customer Management

Customer management module helps effective customer, partner and stakeholder management through its elements like advanced reporting tools, dashboards and integration with office tools.

Vendor Management

Vendor management aims at effectively managing the process of vendor identification, recruitment and monitoring the performance and quality in each region. Higher level of customer service is attained by integrating the company, vendors, operations and customers thus improving the field service revenue.

Business Development

Business development module make certain the growth and development of an organization by integrating the business critical process. The module provides option for identification and tracking of opportunity, management of prospects and leads, creating healthy pipe lines and tracking the KPI’s which in turn ensures growth.

Project Management

Project management module acts as central location to manage the key aspects of the projects like resource allocation, target completion dates and the related activities. This is further aided by intelligent forms, interactive graphs and charts, advanced reporting and elegant ergonomics.

Customer Service

Customer service module helps sharing the process 24X7with external communities in secure environment. The information provided by customers in customer service portal gets added in real time to the Logisticx platform thus aids in easier performance analysis.


ERP module assists in managing bill payments, generate the profit and loss statement in real time, manage expenses, streamline the inventory management and payments against quotes. Smart inventory management thus achieved makes ERP module one of the best available in the world.

Quotation – Work Order

Quotation and work order management module allows organization to effectively manage, assign, and share work orders and tasks with other users. Organizations can thus establish enhanced working relationships with customers, vendors, supplies and business.

Pricing Management

Pricing management module enables Logistics companies make timely, informed decisions in relation to service pricing across the globe, based on value. The user can maximize profitability through optimized price management, realize higher margins through value based pricing modules, assessment of the company’s and competitors performance on each attribute and benefits and helps monitor the customer perceived value over time.

Account Management

The Accounts module has comprehensive range of facilities including general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and cashbook. This module is integrated with the operational modules so that financial postings anywhere are automatically and instantly posted into the financial ledgers.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management module integrates with account management thus avoiding the need for data reentry. This module provides clients access to stock levels, account status and ability to create sales orders. It has interface with transport companies so as to notify them electronically for pickups from ware house.

Asset Management

Asset management module helps track all assets. The depreciations on assets are automatically calculated and posted to general ledgers. The module also facilitates listing of asset calculations, asset items and history of each asset.

Freight Management

Freight management module helps the operational management and financial control of export/import shipments. The module helps control of credit items and helps to have an up to date financial status of the business.

Client Communication Management

This module enables automatic email or fax triggering for user defined events like change of arrival date etc.