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Outsourced Management

LogisticXPro helps manage a complete transportation system. The existing transportation system is assessed; plan for development of existing plan to suit the needs is realized, which can then be outsourced to contract managers who ensures operations are run smoothly.

Routing & Scheduling

LogisticXPro uses advanced analytics in developing routing schema helps maximizing the efficiency and aligns schedules with the capacity. Every phase of the client need is retained in the routing plan developed.

Mass Transit Solution

LogisticXPro support the mass transit providers efficiently and cost effectively carry out quality transportation. We review the transportation system to identify the improvement areas and bring out solution to strengthen the system.

Public Transit Solution

LogisticXPro serve in controlling the daily operations of the fleet with simple tools that notify of the current status information. Problems are highlighted so that operators can take action and avoid the missed deadlines.

Customs & EDI

LogisticXPro facilitate communicating electronically with clients, suppliers, agents, transport companies etc. This aids in faster communication without transcription errors.

Transportation Training

LogisticXPro helps relieve the complication of transportation management through the training that results in building masters in transportation supervision and management.

Performance Monitoring

LogisticXPro helps capturing the required information towards build up an effective transportation fleet. The efficiency in classification of the system helps satisfy the routing and scheduling needs and thus improves the overall performance.

Documentation Service

LogisticXPro ease adding documents to jobs and helps view the fax, print or email any document any time. The document can be scanned and stored as an electronic image to a job. It thus reduces the storage costs.